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Why Isah chose Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings


Isah has a suitable solution for the Southern African regional manufacturing industry, a core market, for Rifle-Shot. In fact Isah business software is used by most make to order manufacturing businesses around the globe. With extensive industry experience dating back to 1987, Isah knows precisely what is needed to optimise business management processes, while at the same time attaining better results for your organisation.


Isah’s business software is designed to help it’s customers increase their performance in all the critical areas. Intensive and long-term cooperation is crucial in this respect. Isah software ensures that our customers’ organisations are kept abreast with market changes, but better still, will ensure they stay one step ahead of their competition and international pressures.



Why choose Isah and Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings

  • extensive knowledge of and experience in the manufacturing industry

  • the employees of Isah and Rifle-Shot are passionate about the manufacturing industry

  • without exception, the software meets the industry’s ambitions and needs

  • Isah offers an integrated solution: a software platform on which all existing and new software solutions can run

  • Isah offers flexible software, which means it can be easily adapted to meet company specific needs and processes

  • attractive for small to large organisations

  • the total cost of ownership (TCO) is amongst the lowest in the marketplace


Product philosophy of Isah


1 Global standard technology

Based on the trusted Microsoft technology  platforms such as Office, SharePoint and SQL Server.


2 Fully scalable software

Suitable for small to large organisations with one or many branch offices, whether they are based locally of internationally.


3 Controlled integration of software

Isah can be integrated into any other software, such as CAD and PDM software, financial packages and quality manage­ment software. Via portals and mobile solutions, you have access to the information you need – whenever and wherever.


Profit guarantees


Isah business software provides insight into the three variables that determine your company’s profitability: turnover, costs and capital costse. As the system provides all  management all the key data required, they can take appropriate action immediately to maximise profit and ensure business continuity.


Isah has linked six profit themes to its business software specifically for industrial companies:

  • optimisation of working capital

  • service and customer retention

  • competition and innovative capacity

  • commercial strength

  • flexibility and scalability

  • insight and manageability

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"In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield"

- Warren Buffet 2008


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